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Zeiss i.Terminal

Zeiss iTerminali.Terminal by ZEISS is a unique integrated dispensary system that combines a new level of fitting and measurement precision with enhanced patient consultation.

Advanced Measurement Technology

Delivers superior fitting accuracy for optimum progressive lens performance. Ensures consistent measurements even with a large dispensing staff. Lens Customization: Automatically takes vertex distance, lens tilt and frame wrap measurements for the patient’s chosen frame. Allows advanced progressive lens customization using free-form technology.

Enhanced Patient Consultation

Enhanced mirror allows patients to see themselves in their frame choices. Demonstrates lens enhancements recommended by the dispenser.

In one simple process, i.Terminal

  • Measures monocular interpupillary distances, fitting heights, pantoscopic angle, vertex distance and frame wrap automatically
  • Creates photo images for review by the patient and dispenser
  • Provides interactive demonstrations of lens enhancements

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